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Depending on what types of events you wish to take part in, you will need to have different licences and equipment. On the above links are quick summaries of the type of event, what licence is required, any special clothing and any other important points.Cars entered into VSCC events are normally required to have a VSCC eligibility document, or ‘Buff Form’. This is issued by the Club’s Eligibility Sub-Committee against information provided by the owner – simply apply to the Club office for a form to fill in. In addition certain safety equipment will be required and this varies between disciplines. A chat with other competitors or a scrutineer will answer most questions. Silencing of cars is important for Hill Climbs and Sprints. The maximum noise limit is usually 110db or less, however, depending on the venue, this may change. The Supplementary Regulations for the meeting will be quite specific about noise limits and silencing. J5.17 of the MSA “Blue Book” is also useful.

The process of entering a VSCC event is very simple, About 3 months before an event, the regulations and entry forms are published for download on our website, on the date that entries open for the event. To download these forms you will need to log on as a member (full details are available on our website) You can also enter online. Should you wish to receive a paper copy of the regulations and entry form please send us a Self Addressed Envelope, C5 Size, with the name of the event written in the top left hand corner, we will then post the documents to you by return.

Shortly after we receive your entry, if you enter online you will see within your personal section that your entry status has changed from pending to accepted. This means that your entry is confirmed as received for the event. If you have entered through a paper entry form you will receive an acknowledgment card in the post. About 10 days before the event Competitors Instructions will be emailed or posted to you. Within these you will find all of the information you need to take part in the event, such as venue locations, timetable, entry list and specific event regulations. We are required by the Motor Sports Association (MSA) to handle entries according to the rules and regulations contained in the MSA Competitors’ Yearbook (the ‘Blue’ Book). For example we are obliged to specify a maximum and minimum number of entries and provisions to cancel or to amalgamate classes if minimum numbers are not reached. Equally we are obliged not to refuse an entry on ‘unreasonable grounds’ and all entrants have the right of appeal to the Motor Sports Council (MSC) if they feel the grounds for refusal are unreasonable.

In the event of over-subscription to an event it is the duty of the Secretary to the Meeting to accept or refuse entries as appropriate. In such circumstances one thing is clear; we cannot exceed the maximum number of entries allowed and whatever we do, somebody is going to be disappointed. The Club has an established set of selection criteria (link to selection criteria page)  so please be assured that any selection decision may not be as random as it appears. A straightforward draw may be employed in the last resort, when all other obvious or common sense decisions have been taken, as it is ultimately the most straightforward and fairest way of deciding the last few places.
So now you know what you want to do, get all your gear together and we look forward to seeing you out on an event soon!