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One of the aims of the VSCC is to promote amateur competition for its members using cars constructed either before 1931, or, in certain cases, before 1961; or, with permission of the Committee, using a conglomeration of components from specified cars built before 1941.

Excluding tours, social events and entrants into the 'champagne class' on rallies, a VSCC member wishing to compete on a Club event will required to do so in an eligible car; additionally, cars running in the Invited class at VSCC events do not normally need a VSCC Eligibility Document, although some other recognised form of identification may be required.

It should be stressed that eligibility for competitions is quite a different subject to whether a car is vintage or a post-vintage thoroughbred (PVT); this has nothing to do with the class of membership.

The Eligibility Sub-Committee are all volunteers and, therefore, do not work at the club office during the week.  All eligibility queries regarding 'new build’ projects, ongoing buff form applications etc can be directed to the dedicated eligibility email address, which is:

All members of the Eligibility Sub-Committee have access to this mailbox and can respond directly to any member’s queries.

Please note any correspondence posted to the club office will still be forwarded to the Eligibility Sub-Committee as previously.

Austin 7 Guidelines


Eligibility of Cars Guidelines

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