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Event Types


In short - a unique and wonderful spectacle of Pre-war and Historic machinery. Our Race events take the format of a typical race meeting, with Practice Sessions being held in the morning and Races held in the afternoon. Our Grids feature some of the rarest motor sport machinery in the world, and the paddock at lunch time offers both competitors, marshals and spectators a special opportunity to socialise and have a close look at the eclectic mix of competing cars in the paddock.


Quite simply a speed event is the driver against the clock over a set course, usually a permanent motor sport venue, with the aim to be the quickest car in its class. A ‘Sprint’, or occasionally ‘Speed Trial’, takes place on a flat course such as Goodwood and a ‘Hill Climb’ takes place, unsurprisingly, on a course with a gradient such as Prescott. There are more hill climb and sprint venues in the country than any other motor sport. They range in course length from 880 yards to over 2 miles.


A Trial is a form of motor sport, where competitors attempt to climb a number of hills known as  ‘Sections’. The aim is to climb each Section without stopping or hitting a course marker. The Section may include twists and turns and in some cases a ‘Stop and Restart’ where the driver must bring his car to a halt, usually on a particularly steep part of the Section, and then continue to climb the hill. Typically each event will consist of between 12 and 16 Sections spread around the local area.


Navigational Rallies are driving and navigating events. The goal is to complete the route defined in the instructions at the average speed detailed for the various parts of the route, usually between 19 and 29 miles per hour. A Navigational Rally is not a race and any Pre-war car of any capacity has the chance of overall or class awards.


A Driving Test is a great way to get started in Vintage Motor Sport. Events are held wholly on private land and consist of a number of ‘Tests’ on which competitors have to follow a fixed route between markers in the fastest time possible. Should a competitor hit a marker or follow the wrong route they receive penalties. The competitor with the least number of penalties and the fastest time wins.


All Tours are non-competitive and designed to be fun, sociable occasions that encourage members to gather together and drive their Pre-war cars, hopefully in good weather, on a pre-defined route or on a route of their choice to visit local beauty spots, interesting buildings or attractions.