VSCC Exmoor Trial 2021

Saturday 10 April 2021


The VSCC Exmoor Trial on Monday will be the first of seven events over the next five weeks.
With an entry of sixty entrants the VSCC Exmoor is ready to go on Monday 12th April.
We are delighted to welcome seven new Members who have joined the Club so they can take up the offer of a double drive.
The Club van will be making its way down the M5 on Sunday to help Clerk of the Course, Stuart Roper-Marshal prepare for the trial.
Marshals and Competitors are looking forward to a days Motorsport, it has been over a year since the last VSCC Trial  at The Herefordshire in 2020.
The start of the trial has been delayed till 12:00 so that Marshals and Competitors can travel down in the morning and a parking field has been arranged for Competitors.
The weather forecast is to remain dry but chilly, mud is likely to be in short supply.
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