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Assistant Competition Secretary

Carrie Bedford

Tel: 01608 644777 ext 5

Carrie has been involved in motorsport since the late 1970s initially as a pit marshal, she also did some flagging and fire duties. Wanting to try something different – but still be actively involved in the sport - she then took up timekeeping and was lucky enough to be involved during the interesting period when timing equipment developed from the hand-operated stopwatches with timing to 1/10ths of a second to the use of transponders and sophisticated computers able to produce accurate times to 1/1000 ths  of a second. During this period she timed races from the Silverstone Race School to Formula One!

Carrie came to the VSCC early in 2014 as temporary  Assistant Competitions Secretary  while Gemma Price was fully involved with the 80th Anniversary events.This was extended to cover her maternity leave but sadly cut short owing to financial pressures on the Club. Carrie was able to secure a similar role at the Historic Sports Car Club where she remained for just under five years afer which time she was made redundant, again owing to financial pressures. She was delighted to discover there was an opportunity to take on the same role at the VSCC and is now happily back ‘home’.

When she is not at TOPO, or on events, Carrie likes to research local history, photography, reading and socialising with friends