VSCC Trophy Points

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Notes about points displayed on the live web pages

The total points shown on the web pages for any driver, may not be the final validated score.
There may be adjustments to these totals, for example for marshaling points, short grids, car changes etc.

These points are taken from the office results, but a driver or cars eligibility for an award is not guaranteed by it being displayed here.
For Trophies that have extra rules , eg a different 12 month period, exemptions for some events etc please refer to the Trophy Rules to understand how to use the points displayed here.

Pre 2020 the office were still using the points from their traditional manual calculations not the points shown here.
Points for years 2016 to 2019 are included for interest but they were only used to support the traditional manual calculations performed by the office.

During the year if you notice any errors in the points please contact the office within one month of the event results being published.
Scores and results published in the newsletter may amend these values.

To see Annual Aggregate Trophy Rules 2020  Click Here