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List of Early Bulletins. Link

Bulletins are being uploaded weekly onto the Bulletin page.
Currently available are:-
      1935 Vol. 1-01
      1937 Vol. 3-02 to 3-07  (There wasn't a Vol 3-01)
      1938  Vol. 4-01 to 4-06
      1946  Vol. 5-01 to 5-02
      1947  Vol. 6-01 to 6-04
      1948  Vol. 7-02 to 7-04 (There wasn't a Vol. 7-01)
      1949  Vol. 8-01 to 8-03
      1950  Vol. 9-01 to 9-05
      1951  Vol. 10-01 to 10-03
      1952  Vol. 11-01 to 11-04
      1953  Vol. 12-01 to 12-04
      1954  No. 42 Spring to No. 45 Christmas which has an interesting article about Tim Carsons
      1955  No. 46 Spring to No. 49 Christmas.
      1956  No. 50 Spring to No. 53 Winter.
      1957  No. 54 Spring to No. 57 Winter
      1958  No. 58 Spring to No. 61 Winter
      1959  No. 62 Spring to No. 65 Winter
      1960  No. 66 Spring to No. 69 Winter

Bulletins are only available for members to read on line or download.
Pre-War Bulletins are max. 16Mb and mostly 10Mb.
Post War they can be up to 30Mb so the download may take time on poor connections. 

Searching Multiple Pdf's.
1.  Make a new folder and download into it the Pdf Bulletins you wish to search.
2.  Open one of the Bulletins in Adobe Reader that you have downloaded.
3.  In the left Task Bar select the "Magnifying Glass" symbol which opens the "Find" box.
4.  Enter in the "Find" box the word you are searching for (ideally one word e.g. Alvis)
5.  Then in "Find" box select the "Gearwheel" symbol which opens a dropdown box.
6.  Select "Open Full Search". This opens a large dropdown box on left side of screen.
7.  Select "All Pdf Documents" & select "My Documents" dropdown box.
8.  Select "Browse for Location" and select your new Bulletin folder and select "OK".
9.  Back to the left hand box and select "Search".
You should now have a list of all the references for your search word in the large box.

Christmas 1954

Christmas 1937