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Brooklands Speed Trials

13 Jun 2015

Mercedes Benz World, Weybridge, Surrey

Event main image
The 60th Anniversary of the launch of the MGA and the 45th of the Ford Escort's triumph in the World Cup Rally to Mexico are amongst the landmarks being celebrated with special classes in this year's Brooklands Double Twelve Motorsport Festival. The full list of classes is announced by Brooklands Museum and the Vintage Sports-Car Club, the joint organisers of the Festival. In true Brooklands tradition, the Festival will be held on the weekend closest to the date the original track opened in 1907, which this year is Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 June. The two-day event will feature Speed Trials, Driving Tests and a Concours across the Museum site and at neighbouring Mercedes-Benz World, giving Spectators and Competitors a huge variety of motoring action.
The three stand-alone competitive events are:
•             The Double Twelve Speed Trials on the Mercedes-Benz World Circuit on Saturday
•             The Double Twelve Concours held across both days
•             The Double Twelve Driving Tests on Sunday
The structure of the competitions allows entrants to enjoy a full weekend of participation by choosing which elements suit them and their vehicle. Each event will have its own class and overall winners so there is opportunity to come and compete in any single competition, but to qualify for a Brooklands Double Twelve award, an entrant must compete in any two of the three events and the combined scores of these will decide their Double Twelve placing. A full list of classes for all three competitive elements can be found below.
This year’s classes cover a broad range of marques involved in motorsport over the decades and recognize some notable anniversaries, making this a celebration as well as a competition weekend. For the Double Twelve Concours, the classes include an homage to the MGA - 60 years of the start of a new line, the '55 Chevy -  the start of the 'small block' revolution and the Ford Escort Mexico Mk 1, which is celebrating its 45th Anniversary this year, whilst Renault Alpines also feature. All these models will also be eligible to enter the Double Twelve Driving Tests, where there will be specific classes for Model T Fords alongside the ’55 Chevy brigade.
As ever, Pre-war machinery will form an integral part of the weekend competitions with the inclusion of the ever-popular classes for The Great War Remembered for vehicles from the Veteran and Edwardian eras up to 1918, and Historic Brooklands classes, catering for both Vintage and Post-Vintage cars with actual Brooklands history amongst the Pre-1941 line-up for the Concours. These groups are also catered for within the Driving Tests competition, where they join other Pre-war Touring and Sports-Car classes, as well, in addition the more unusual contraptions of the Cyclecars & ‘Oddities’ class.
Saturday’s VSCC Speed Trials on the challenging and technical Mercedes-Benz World Circuit will boast the usual eclectic array of Pre-war classes associated with the Club’s speed events, catering for Edwardians, Vintage & PVT Racing and Sports-Cars, as well as a Post-war class for invited early 1950s Sports Cars up to 1955. Going from strength to strength each year, we fully anticipate another full entry to entertain spectators who can watch from the grandstand alongside the track.
In addition to the competitive events, the Test Hill Challenge will be running on both days of the Festival, providing much entertainment as it invites practically anything on wheels (or legs) to reach the summit of that most famous ascent. The weekend will culminate in the prize-giving ceremony in the main Paddock on the Sunday.
Further information about the competitive events and the Test Hill Challenge can be obtained from Steve Castle at or by calling 01932 857381 ext 244 or the VSCC Competitions Department on or by calling 01608 644777 Ext 4 with full details of participation to be announced soon.
The 2015 Double Twelve Concours
Class A                    MGA - 60 years of the start of a new line
Class B                    The '55 Chevy - the start of the 'small block' revolution
Class C                    The Mark 1 Escort Mexico - 45 years of the fast Ford
Class D                    Renault Alpine - the French wonders from Dieppe
Class E                    The Model T Ford - the start of something big
Class F                    'The Grand Tour' Pre-War (touring cars from 1918-1939)
Class G                    'The Grand Tour' Post-War (touring cars from 1945-1965)
Class H                    The Great War Remembered (Veteran and Edwardian cars to 1918)
Class J                     Historic Brooklands Vintage Sports-Cars (cars with actual Brooklands competition history)
Class K                    Historic Brooklands Post-Vintage Thoroughbred Cars (cars with actual Brooklands competition history)
Class L                    Spirit of Brooklands Pre-War (cars of the Brooklands era without specific Brooklands history)
Class M                   Spirit of Brooklands Post-war (cars that might have raced at Brooklands 1945-1975)

The 2015 Double Twelve Driving Tests
Class 1                    Veteran & Edwardian Cars
Class 2                    Pre-war Touring Cars
Class 3                    Pre-war Sports Cars
Class 4                    Pre-war Cyclecars & ‘Oddities’
Class 5                    Post-war Short Wheelbase Sports Cars (Under 7’0”)
Class 6                    Post-war Short Wheelbase Saloons (Under 7’6”)
Class 7                    Post-war Mid-length Wheelbase Sport Cars (7’00” to 8’00”)*
Class 8                    Post-war Mid-length Wheelbase Saloons (7’6” to 8’6”)
Class 9                    Post-war Long Wheelbase Sports Cars (over 8’)
Class 10                  Post-war Long Wheelbase Saloons (over 8’6”)
Class 11                  The Model T Ford
Class 12                  The ’55 Chevy
(*Class 7 will include MGA models, Ford Escort Mexicos and Renault Alpines)

The 2015 Double Twelve Speed Trials
Class 1                    Standard & Modified Sports-Cars and Saloon cars up to 750cc unsupercharged.
Class 2                    Standard & Modified Sports-Cars and Saloon cars 751-1100cc unsupercharged, and up to 750 cc supercharged.
Class 3                    Standard & Modified Sports-Cars and Saloon cars* 1101-1500cc unsupercharged and up to 1100cc supercharged.
Class 4                    Standard & Modified Sports-Cars and Saloon cars 1501-2000cc unsupercharged and up to 1500cc supercharged.
Class 5                    Standard & Modified Sports-Cars and Saloon cars 2001-3000cc unsupercharged and up to 2000cc supercharged.
Class 6                    Standard & Modified Sports-Cars and Saloon cars over 3000cc unsupercharged and over 2000cc supercharged.
Class 7                    Edwardian automobile-engined Cars.
Class 8                    Special Sports-Cars and Saloon cars up to 1100cc, unsupercharged and up to 750 cc supercharged.
Class 9                    Special Sports-Cars and Saloon cars 1101-1500cc unsupercharged and up to 1100cc supercharged.
Class 10                  Special Sports-Cars and Saloon cars 1501-3000cc unsupercharged and up to 2250cc supercharged.
Class 11                  Special Sports-Cars and Saloon cars over 3000cc unsupercharged and over 2250cc supercharged.
Class 12                 Non automobile-engined Edwardian Cars.
Class 13                 Pre-1941 Racing Cars up to 1100cc
Class 14                 Pre-1941 Racing Cars 1101-1500cc
Class 15                 Pre-1941 Racing Cars 1501-3000cc
Class 16                 Pre-1941 Racing Cars over 3000cc.
Class 17                 Invited 1950s Sports Cars built between 01/01/1941 to 31/12/1955

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