The Pomeroy Trophy Competition

20 Feb 2016

Silverstone National Circuit, NN12 8TN

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There is perhaps no other event that captures the imagination and ethos of the VSCC than the legendary ‘Pomeroy Trophy’, a unique event in which the speed, agility and braking ability of Pre-war and Post-war machines are pitted against each other.
The concept was first mooted by John Rowley in 1947, but because of petrol rationing it did not actually take place until 22 March 1952. It was won by Peter Binns in a Vauxhall 30/98. Although not Laurence Pomeroy's idea, it was his formula to calculate the efficiency of GP car engines that was used as the basis for the calculations and he presented the Trophy. An interesting aside is that until the event could take place, the Trophy was awarded for 'Outstanding Service to the Club' and was first won by Cecil 'Sam' Clutton in 1948.
The ‘Pom’, as it is affectionately known in VSCC circles, is a truly unique event within the motorsport world. Over the course of the day, Competitors will take part in handling, acceleration and braking tests, followed by a High Speed Regularity Time Trial, not forgetting a test to make sure their car can carry two ‘standard’ VSCC size suitcases!
In addition to the circuit based tests, all cars are required to be road legal (although there is no planned Filter Point for Competitors to pass through en route to the circuit this year) and can be either driven or trailered to the event, with those Competitors choosing to use a trailer receiving a penalty to maintain and encourage the long-standing traditions of the ‘Pom’. The car which wins the ‘Pom’ is always a true all-rounder driven by a great driver, so why not join us and see how you and your favourite car fair?
NEW FOR 2016! In a bid to further boost the great reputation of this most famous event, this year we look to open the event up to more Club Members, with the opportunity of those Competitors of smaller capacity Pre-war cars to take part, and contest The Voiturette Trophy.

Facilities info: Refreshments • Toilets • Parking • Good Disabled Facilities
Spectator info: No Dogs • Public Event
For 2016 this event has been opened to the General public.
Entry Fee:     Pre-war £90     Post-war £220     

Opening Date for Entries: TBC                    Closing Date for Entries: 8 February

The event comprises one class and is open to road equipped cars of any age, including tax, MOT (if required for age of car), road legal tyres, exhaust, lights etc, with a capacity of greater than 1949cc (or 1495cc if super-/turbocharged) for Post-war cars and no capacity restrictions for Pre-war cars.
Although not strictly a Race, all Competitors must hold a 2016 MSA Race Licence (minimum National B) or FIA ASN equivalent as the afternoon’s regularity sessions are run under race conditions and all entrants must be members of the VSCC.

Minimum Competitor AGE – 16 years old, with MSA Race/Speed Licence (RTA Licence holder required for Filter Point driving if used)

Facilities info: Refreshments • Toilets • Parking • Good Disabled Facilities

Competitor info: Edwardian • Vintage • Post-vintage • Historic• Modern • MSA Race National B • Fire Extinguisher • Favourite 

Selection Criteria for Event Entries can been seen here:
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