Changes to VSCC Committee

Friday 20 March 2020

President Paul Tunnicliffe Announces Changes To Committee And Sub-Committees
With no AGM I would like to confirm the changes to the make-up of the Committee.  The following are all standing down:

Tony Stephens
Julian Ghosh
Dick Patten
Hamish McNinch
Kevin Lee

I am pleased to have this opportunity of thanking them for their contribution over the years.

The following will be joining:

Clive Fidgeon (Treasurer)
Simon Blakeney-Edwards
Mike Holt
Ian Wasteney
Stuart Moore

There are also some changes to the Sub-Committees.  Julian Ghosh steps down from the Trial sub-committee to be replaced by David Rolfe, whilst we have combined the Driving Test and Rally sub-committees under the chairmanship of Annabel Jones.  Kevin Lee will take the new role of Deputy Chairman.  Simon Blakeney-Edwards will take over from Steve Jones as Chair of the Eligibility sub-committee.  Kevin Morton takes over from David Furnell as Chair of the Speed sub-committee and Nick Hayward-Cook replaces Ian Standing as Chair of Race.

The Club could not operate without the work of these individuals, in common with all the many volunteers who give their time to help us all enjoy ourselves.  The individuals listed above will play a crucial role in the coming months, so please give them your full support.