Rev Up for the NHS

Tuesday 07 April 2020

Make some noise (and money) for the NHS

Dear Friends, Fellow Competitors and Petrolheads,

Following Duncans Ricketts' idea Mark Woolley has done the technology and we have decided to add to the Clap for our Carers campaign which takes place each Thursday evening at 20:00 by creating a ‘Rev-Up for the NHS’.

We are all missing using our cars (and bikes) at the moment, so in aid of making as much noise as possible to express our appreciation, we want to encourage you to warm up your cars (or anything with an engine) at the same time, then for no longer than one minute allow your car to do the expressing...
Making it meaningful -

We want to make it more meaningful than just making a noise, so have setup a donations page - (Clicking this link will allow you to make a donation)
We are asking you to please donate a voluntary amount to take part in this and all proceeds will be given to the NHS to assist them in the great many requirements they have at present.
Making it memorable –
We have set up a Facebook page and would encourage you to film your ‘Rev-up’ on your mobile phone and share it to the page called Rev-Up for the NHS (search this name on Facebook). Please remember to like and share the page if you can too, so we can get as many people involved as possible. You can also forward this email on to your friends and family.

We will be trying to get some well-known faces from motorsport to take part and if you would like to express your thanks with a very short message at the beginning or end, please feel free to do so. If you have friends & family who do not have cars, please encourage them to watch the clips and donate as well.

If you are not on Facebook please upload your video clip to this OneDrive folder!AmKgkyEZ3C-AhJhy7oQ8D9oAysk-ng?e=5RmabT and we will share it on your behalf. (Clicking this link will open a folder allowing you click and drag your video into the folder)

We may also use some of the video clips to create a short newsreel or similar feature of our efforts. 

At some point all of us who use our cars may rely on the NHS, Air Ambulance and Ambulance services. So if you own a car (or anything with an engine) that makes a noise, a racing car, a rally car, a Grand Prix car, an historic car/bike, a sports car, or similar please join us to have a little bit of fun and show a lot of appreciation and raise some money for some much needed relief. 

Remember to stick to all the social distancing guidelines which means you should not have more than two people to start the car for those requiring a crew to get it going. Also, if you are going to start your car at 20:00 on Thursday evenings please give consideration to ensure any neighbours are not inconvenienced or cause disruption that would last for longer than one minute. You are also free to pre-record your rev-up and post it on our Facebook page. 
Very best wishes and stay well,
Mark Woolley

Rev Up