Four Days Until The Finale…

Tuesday 19 September 2023

Join us for the Speed Championship Finale – Prescott Long Course, Saturday 23rd September.

Competitors are once again returning to the historic Prescott Speed Hill Climb for the final round of the 2023 Speed Championship, this time with the aims of conquering the Long Course. 

With an array of fantastic cars, determined competition and a championship at stake, Prescott Long Course promises some tense and exciting runs. The objective on the course is clear, but rest assure the paddock will be lively with the usual camaraderie and wonderful atmosphere. 

Come along and soak it all up! Spectator tickets are available here and be sure to check the weekly News Sheet for the Members’ code.

Before the ultimate test to find the 2023 Speed Championship begins, click here to see the current championship standings. 

Chris Tarling V2