The Boulogne Bicycle Rally 2016

Thursday 19 May 2016

Don’t miss the Club’s traditional ‘Boulogne Bicycle Rally’, taking place this coming Spring Bank Holiday weekend on Sunday 29 May.
Celebrating 40 years, the Boulogne Bicycle Rally still remains a great day out for any Vintage bicyclist, with around 60 or so reporting each year to take part. The day follows a leisurely route of approximately 25 miles, which traditionally followed the course of the old Boulogne Grand Prix circuit. Since the inaugural ride, time and the French road system have progressed, so the route has been adjusted to be more scenic and safe, avoiding the new dual carriageways, and taking in plenty of refreshment stops along the way.

The spirit of the ride remains with the emphasis on fun for everyone taking part, whether on an old bicycle or in a vintage car. Part of the joy of this event is that it is not organised, never has been and never should be; it is what you make it. If you can ride a bike then you can do it. There are a couple of hills one might wish to walk up (many do), but it is slow paced, leisurely, with interesting company, and there is all day to do it.

Many Boulognists now make a weekend of it, staying on to enjoy some of what the region has to offer. There is always a good atmosphere about the old walled town and most hotels, bars and restaurants are taken over by cyclists on the Saturday and Sunday evenings. Do try to bring an interesting machine as it adds to the eccentricity of the occasion.