Weekly News sheet 9

Thursday 18 June 2020

Weekly News sheet 9

This coming weekend should have been a busy one for the VSCC and the Light Car and Edwardian Section with Cadwell Park Race Meeting, the Light Car Rally weekend and Madresfield Driving Tests and Concours which had arranged for a Hurricane flypast.

Alas the Covid 19 outbreak has seen to these events which is a real shame for the oragnisers be they volunteers or TOPO staff as getting out and using our cars is what the VSCC is all about.

Last Friday was the third facebook quiz, this one was hosted by Gillian Carr, all of the quizzes are up on the VSCC facebook if you would like to see what you have missed.

A link to the latest Table Top Rally along with the answers to last weeks are in this news sheet.
Newsheet 9