Weekly News sheet 10

Thursday 25 June 2020

Weekly Newsheet 10

Welcome to News Sheet 10. CLICK HERE

Many of you enjoyed the 9/20 Rover rebuild from last weeks news sheet, please do let us have your rebuild stories.

For those of you not able to watch the AGM live there is also a link to a video. There is also other Club news and if you have anything you think members may be interested in, from a tour of your workshop or garage to memories of the VSCC, do let us know.

Friday is the return of the next Quiz this time hosted by Rebecca and Fergus Gunn, so they will not be able to win this week.

Time for a confession, It is all a team effort but all of your plaudits need to go to Club Secretary Tania Brown as the newsheets are all her own work, I have been forwarding the praise.

Stay Safe
Newsheet 10