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Motorsport Circuits and Venues

One of the major draws of the Club's Race and Speed events is the chance to visit some of the UK's most historic and celebrated circuits and venues, such as our annual events at Silverstone, home to the British Grand Prix, the world's oldest motorsport venue Shelsley Walsh, and Brooklands, the birthplace of British motorsport.

These venues offer unprecedented viewing opportunities alongside the track but unlike attending many of the major events at such venues, a VSCC event also offers the unique chance of free access to the competitor paddock, where you can get up close to the cars and their drivers, who are usually more than happy to answer any questions, pose for photos and even allow you to sit in their prized vehicles if you are lucky.

These venues also boast excellent facilities for spectators, often including hot/cold food and drink.

Visit our Events pages  to see where we will be going next.

Trials and Rallies

VSCC Trials and Navigation Rallies are not ideal spectator events and as such we do not encourage people to attend. However, a number of our Trials do include 'Spectator Hills', specifically marshalled to accommodate spectators, often including catering facilities, such as the famous Drumhouse section on our Lakeland event or The Smatcher on our annual Welsh Weekend - Spectator Information is often available for our Trials, detailing which sections you can visit. Similarly, spectators are often welcome at start/finish venues of our Navigation Rallies, where you can watch the competitors prepare and set-off.

Our Trials take place in Exmoor, Herefordshire, Derbyshire, Scottish Borders, Powys, Lakelands and Cotswolds throughout the Autumn/Winter months (Oct - April) whilst we hold Navigation Rallies across the UK on a rotational basis throughout the year, including an annual event in Powys.

For information on which of our Trials and Rallies are open to Spectators and how to obtain Spectator Information, visit our Events pages.

If you would like to see more of our Trialling and Rallying events, why not volunteer to marshal? It is the ideal opportunity to get up close to the action whilst taking an active role in the Club's events, especially if you do not have a suitable eligible car. For more information, visit our Marshals pages.

Social Events

Like our navigation rallies, our touring events are not appropriate for spectators. The best way to enjoy our calendar of social events is to get involved, be it as an organiser or volunteer or to participate. You will have to be a VSCC member to drive on any of our tours, however, you do not if you are a passenger so befriend a member at one of our events and encourage them to sign up!

As with our Navigation Rallies, we rotate the locations of our Tours from year to year. See ‘events’ for details of our upcoming social events.

If you are a Club member and are interested in organising your own tour, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Competition Department on 01608 644777 ext(4) or email comps@vscc.co.uk.