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We’d love to tell you more about all the wonderful events that the Vintage Sports-Car Club organises and give you access to the whole of our Vintage world, So what have you been waiting for? Join the Vintage Sports-Car Club now and enjoy full access to all the information on this website as well as to be able to compete in events, receive our superb publications and take advantage of our affiliations with Principal Associates and other supporters. To see a full list of Membership benefits please click here.


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A Driving Test is a great way to get started in Vintage Motor Sport. Events are held wholly on private land and consist of a number of ‘Tests’ on which competitors have to follow a fixed route between markers in the fastest time possible. Should a competitor hit a marker or follow the wrong route they receive penalties. The competitor with the least number of penalties and the fastest time wins.

Tests may include forward and reverse manoeuvres, ‘garage parking’, figures-of-eight or parallel parking. The trick is to memorise the test diagram. A typical event will be made up of approximately twelve tests.

We hold four Driving Test and and a Auto-Solo competitions each year. Our New Year Driving Tests are held at the iconic Brooklands Museum in Weybridge in January or February anually. 

We also visit Madresfield, near Malvern in Worcestershire in September and finally round of the year at Bicester Herritage, in Oxfordshire in December.
Driving Tests reward accuracy and are a great way to start to compete with the VSCC. For youngsters they are particularly important as they teach car control at low speed and are a great introduction to a competitive environment at an early age.

Some thoughts from Club Members:

‘Madresfield was wonderful as usual. Noel's son Kit also experienced his first ever VSCC event in our Gordon England... and loved it. He is still keen to come back next year and battle it out with his younger brother too!’ Nicola Quartermaine

‘Thank you to the NYDT organisers and marshals for another entertaining and (for me anyway) intellectually demanding day. The logic built into the tests and generous use of "landmark" cones was much appreciated - and yet I can still do it wrong!’ Stuart Ulph

‘Many thanks to the organisers, from the gaggle of Browns. Looks like the old man may have bagged an award in the standard saloon - makes all the smoke and noise the younger ones made seem a little unnecessary. I found the tests an excellent challenge of mind and car - the one test where I decided to push found me pick up my only fault.’ Tim Brown
As with all VSCC events, there are three ways you can enter:
  • Online (click here)
  • Download a PDF entry form and send it back by either post, email or fax (details at bottom of page)
  • Send a SAE to the Club office for an entry form (address at the bottom of the page)
In terms of memberships and licenses, you are required to be a VSCC member, you do not need a MSA Competition license.

The minimum age for competitors is 16, however until a full road driving license is held there is a restriction to 1400cc touring cars.

If an event is over subscribed we select the final entries in line with the Clubs selection criteria (click here)
Your car will require a Eligibility Document (Buff Form), if you don’t already have one of these please click here

It is mandatory for competitors to carry a Fire Extinguisher, there are no restrictions on size, and any type apart from BCF or Dry Powders are accepted.
The roots of Driving Tests are somewhat murky within VSCC History, however, the first reference to be found relates to Madresfield, which is still an event organised by the Club today. The first event at Madresfield was referred to as a Rally, however, in reality, it resembled the event we run there today. The inaugural Madresfield event took place on 22 June 1947.

Driving Tests regularly featured as part of larger VSCC events, often as tie breakers for rallies or trials and are a regular feature in early VSCC regulations. We now run a limited number of Driving Tests, with Madresfield as the Jewel of the Crown in the calendar, however, both the New Years and Winter driving tests are well established and of crucial sporting and historical significance to the Club.
We always need lots of marshals for a Driving Test. Duties will typically involve timekeeping, route checking, allocating penalties for any markers which are hit and all of the usual administrative roles of signing on, and results co-ordination.

If you would like to get involved and help by marshalling at a Driving Test please click here.


Brooklands Double Twelve

16 Jun 2019

LC&ES Driving Tests

14 Sep 2019

Madresfield Driving Tests

22 Sep 2019

Winter Driving Tests

30 Nov 2019