VSCC Documents and Downloads

Join In

The latest version of the VSCC documents can be found here and supersedes any other documents embedded in this web site's content. Click on the document you wish to open or download as a PDF.  

For VSCC Members Only Documents Please Click Here


+ Marshals Volunteering Form 2022, please follow this link or head to join in, volunteer and fill out the application there. https://www.vscc.co.uk/page/event-volunteering  

Technical & Safety

Before you enter please ensure you are compliant in every way.
+ Technical and Safety doc (Draft 2020)

Here is a copy of the Standard Speed Regulations 2021 https://www.vscc.co.uk/vsccMedia/28418.pdf

For General Regulations, which have more technical content and Supplemetary Regulations which relate to specific events - please navigate to the event in which you are interested.


For information about the RS Clubmans Licnce please follow this link

+Finding Your Way -
A Guide to Rally Navigation & Timing