Sub Committees

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The VSCC has a number of Sub Committees, which are specialist committees made up of volunteer experts who inform the decision making of Main Committee and the future of the Club. 

Driving Test

Alisdaire Lockhart (Chairman)
Martin Jelley (Deputy Chairman)
Corinne Davies-Griffith
Rebecca Smith
David Rolfe
Dave Rushton
Dick Wilkinson
Jon Fleming
Kevin Lee
Mark Elder
Andrew Tarring (Staff Member)


Ian Standing (Chairman)
Colin Ayre
Andrew Baker
Nick Hayward-Cook
Andrew Tongue
Nick Topliss
Richard Winchester (Competition Secretary)

Marshals and Volunteers

Martin Jelley (Chairman)
John Williams (Chief Marshal)
Angie Jones (Deputy Chief Marshal – Non Speed)
Karen Morton (Deputy Chief Marshal – Race & Speed)
Mike Holland
Andy Fox
Francine Pimperton
Tania Brown
George Scholey
TBD (Staff Member)


Hamish McNinch (Chairman)
Tania Brown
Charles Ping
Rob Moore
Nick Lees
Rebecca Gunn
Tony Stephens
Liz Fox (Staff Member)

Rallies and Tours

Annabel Jones (Chairman)
David Crouch
Robert Ellis
Martin Jelley
Kevin Lee
Andrew Tarring (Staff Member)


Nick Topliss (Chairman)
Mark Atkinson
David Furnell
Martin Jelley
Hamish McNinch
Colin Prest
Ian Standing
John Symes
Steve Walker
Richard Winchester (Staff Member)


Kevin Morton (Chairman)
David Furnell
Mark Ballard
Tania Brown
Ian Ferguson
James Baxter
Charlie Martin
Gary Clare
 TBD (Staff Member)


David Rolfe (Chairman)
Rob Hubbard
Duncan Pittaway
Guy Spollon
Paul Tebbett
Philip Longhurst
Peter Kite
Martin Jelley
Andrew Tarring (Staff Member)


Steve Jones - Chairman
Tim Brown
Simon Blakeney-Edwards
Kevin Lee
Mike New
Colin Poynter
John Staveley
Peter Wigglesworth
Andrew Tarring (Staff Member)