Sub Committees

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The VSCC has a number of Sub Committees, which are specialist committees made up of volunteer experts who inform the decision making of Board and the future of the Club. 

These pages are currently being updated but the relevant chairpeople are listed below

Rallies, Tours and Driving Test

Annabel Jones (Chair)
Kevin Lee (Deputy Chair)

Ethan Harris (Staff Member)


Justin Maeers (Chair)

Andrew Tarring (Staff member)

Marshals and Volunteers

Martin Jelley (Chairman)
Angie Jones (Chief Marshal – Non Speed)
Karen Morton (Chief Marshal – Race & Speed)

Arron Groombridge (Staff member)


Tom Walker (Chair)

Shannon Hunt (Staff Member)


David Pryke (Chairman)

Laura Satahoo (Staff Member)


David Rolfe (Chair)

Ethan Harris (Staff Member)


Mike New (Chair)

Andrew Tarring (Staff Member)