Click HERE to visit our Join In pages, which include our comprehensive guide to competing with the Club. The guide includes information on the equipment and licences required for each Motorsport discipline on offer with the VSCC.

You can find the FIA publication, A Driver's Guide to Safe Motor Sport HERE ocuments/drivers-guide.pdf

Charging and refund policy

When you enter an event the regulations will state the closing date for entries. If you withdraw prior to that date no charge for the event will be due, if you have paid in advance a full refund will be due.

If you withdraw after the closing date but before 4pm on the Wednesday prior to the event, 50% of the entry fee will be due. If you paid in advance, then a refund of 50% of the entry fee will be due.

If you withdraw after 4pm on the Wednesday prior to the event, or do not turn up at the event, or do not take part, your entry fee will still be the full amount. If you have paid in advance, no refund will be due.

At race meetings, if you take part in one or more races but are unable to compete in all races entered then 50% of the entry fee for races you did not start will be due. If you paid in advance, then a refund of 50% of the entry fee for those races will be due.

Consideration will be made for exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Club Secretary.

If you enter online you will receive an acknowledgment of your entry almost straight away by email to your registered email address. If you sent your entry form to the Office you will receive an acknowledgement by post within 7 days.

Your entry acknowledgement will advise if your entry status is CONFIRMED or PENDING. The Regulations for each event will stipulate the percentage of the maximum entry which is allocated on a first come first served basis. If you are in this percentage your entry is CONFIRMED, which means you are guaranetted an entry for the event. If you are in the final number of entries and your confirmation email or card advises a PENDING status, this means that shoudl the event become over subscribed you will be subject to the VSCC selection process. 

Entries are selected as soon as possible after the closing date and acceptance of entry is confirmed by receipt of Competitors' Instructions (by Post for ticketed events such as Race Meetings or by Email for non-ticketed events such as Trials).

If an event is oversubscribed, Rejections may need to be made - these will always be made by post at the earliest opportunity. For full details of the VSCC selection process, please click HERE.

The process is described in a document about oversubscribed events.

To see the VSCC Documents on Oversubscribed events (Click here)

If you are competing or marshalling at an event the detailed timetable will be included in your Competitors' or Marshals' Instructions which are sent approximately ten days prior to the event taking place. Approximate timings will be published in the Club’s Newsletter in the months leading up to the event. Each individual Event page on the website will be updated with the timetable and latest information as it becomes available so check these pages regularly.

Race meetings all follow a similar format with practice sessions in the morning from 9am, a lunch break of an hour followed by the races in the afternoon from 1pm. Similarly, Sprints and Hill Climbs will commence from 9am with two practice runs per competitor in Class order before lunch, followed by two Competitive Runs in the afternoon. These times are a guide and may be slightly different depending on the circuit/venue or event programme.

Unlike at other major motor sport events, paddock access is included in the admission price with the VSCC and here you can get up close and personal to the competing cars and drivers. Our competitors, providing they aren’t working on their car, are always happy to chat to spectators about their prized possessions and the history they may have.

At all of our public events there are trade stands to explore and barter for a bargain. The stands vary from car parts and racing accessories to motoring books and photographs. At a number of public events we group spectators cars together in period groups, Pre-war, modern classics etc. These can be a spectacle in themselves and always worth a wander round to spot those rare beauties that are seldom seen other than at VSCC events. And at all the Race and Speed venues have good catering and bar facilities to satisfy hungry and thirsty mouths of all ages.

The VSCC Club Display can be found in the paddock at public events. Here you can chat to Club Directors and volunteers about anything to do with the Club. You can also view, try-on or purchase our extensive range of Club Regalia.

At all of our public events we produce and comprehensive event programme which is on sale from the Club Display and from roaming Sellers. The content includes the full race programme listing the cars and drivers by number, which races they are in and the race details; editorial features on some of the competing cars and drivers, forthcoming events, a list of the trade stands at the event and whole lot more.

Results are published as soon as possible after an event weekend, usuall by midday on the following Monday.
Once results are finalised they are uploaded to the web site. 
To find the results on-line go to the Events tab, find your event and click on teh results button.
Remember by default only upcoming events are shown, so you will have to change the Year filter. 

 Alternatively contact the Competition Department and we will be happy to email/post you a copy.
For all Speed events (Sprints and Hill Climbs), Trials, Rallies and Driving Tests, results will remain Provisional for 7 days following publication, during which time competitors are within their rights to raise any queries with the Secretary of the Meeting. At the end of this period, Results are made Final and cannot be changed.
At a Race Meeting, results remain Provisional for 30 minutes following the conclusion of each race, when a competitor can approach the event’s Clerk of the Course with any objection. The results for each race then become Final and a complete set of results are made available to download from this webpage as soon as possible.    

Normally a news item will be published when results and photographs from an event are available to view on-line. The news item will carry a link to the event page and the photographs are displayed at the bottom of that page.
Alternatively you can seek out photographs from any recent event simply by making your own way to the event page via navigating the on-screen menus:

  • Click on the Events tab at the top of the page.
  • Usually this will display forthcoming events so, to find recent events use the EVENT FILTER pop-up that appears at the top right of the Events listing.
  • Use the filter to select the event or events that you wish to see photos from. You can narrow the search by Event Type, Public or member only, the year and the month in a year. In the ‘Year’ field you will need to change ‘Upcoming’ to the year you are looking for.
  • The events list will be filtered and show you events as requested by your own filter choices.
  • Select an event from this list and the photos from that event are at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on an image to enlarge it and then you can scroll through all the posted photos from that event.