To upload a picture of any of your cars; first login then go to the My Cars page.

Find the car you wish to upload photos for and click on the cars's make.

This will show you more details about that car, scroll down to see "Manage Public Images"

Click "upload a file" and select one of your photos, or drag and drop a picture into the box.

If you upload many pictures you can mark the photo that will be shown in the entry lists.

First Add Your Car
1 Login and under My Vscc click on my cars.
2 If the car does not show already, click ADD CAR
3 Enter basic details and upload a photo.
Next Apply for Eligibility 
4 Reselect your car and click APPLY FOR ELIGIBILITY.
5 Complete all pages, pressing save and continue to step through pages.
6 On the last page, Upload Eligibility Photos and press SUBMIT APPLICATION     
7 Your application will be confirmed by email and your car will be classified as TBA until re-classified by Eligibility Sub Committee.

The video below shows how to create a car and then apply for a Buff Form.

If the Eligibility Sub Committee has any questions or needs more information it will be returned for you to update.

From its roots in 1934, the Vintage Sports-Car Club quickly found its feet in representing sports cars built to a quality defined by a period. The question of the age of eligible cars is one which proved to be pivotal to the continuing history of the Club. Initially it was intended that the five-year-old rule would be on a rolling date basis and that in, say, 1937 a 1932 car would be allowed to compete. However it did not take long for this to change. At the Annual General Meeting in January 1936 the Captain, Tim Carson proposed that “During 1936, driving membership of the Club should be limited to owners of cars manufactured prior to 31st Dec 1930”. He went on to suggest that unless the membership numbers declined, the limit should be kept at 31st Dec 1930. Press Secretary, Cecil Clutton, said that he favoured 1930 as the limit year because it marked a definite period in motor car manufacture and that from 1930 onwards a new type of [mass produced] sports-car had become popular, a type which was not particularly desired in the Club. One member complained that if the proposed alteration to the rules were carried, the cars in the Club would eventually become so old that they would disintegrate and that if a later date were not subsequently adopted the membership of the Club would decrease. Captain A W Phillips of the Royal Automobile Club, even then the rule makers of motor sport, was not present but was quoted as saying that he considered it absolutely essential for the well-being of the Club that the year of eligibility for driving membership should not be advanced. There was further debate around the subject before a vote was taken which resulted in 23 – 5 votes in favour of keeping the date at 31 December 1930 and thus establishing the identity a Vintage Car and of the Club as it was then and as it still exists today.

One of the aims of the VSCC is to promote amateur competition for its members using cars constructed either before 1931, or (in some certain cases) before 1961, or, with permission of the Committee, using a conglomeration of components from specified cars built before 1941.

Excluding tours, social events and entrants into the 'champagne class' on rallies, a VSCC member wishing to compete on a Club event will required to do so in an eligible car; additionally cars running in the Invited class at VSCC events do not normally need a VSCC Eligibility Document, although some other recognised form of identification may be required.

It should be stressed that eligibility for competitions is quite a different subject to whether a car is Vintage or Post Vintage Thoroughbred (PVT); this has nothing to do with the class of membership.


These VSCC eligibility rules are supplementary to the General and Technical Regulations of the Motor Sports Association.  In drafting the Eligibility Rules three principles have been borne in mind:-

  1. Simplicity
  2. Ease of comprehension and application
  3. Encouragement of more original cars, for which purpose the systems of class prizes and points scoring for the annual awards will be altered as and when the Committee decides

There are three categories of classification for competing cars:-

  1. Standard (cars to the original specification)
  2. Modified (cars with minor modifications such as might have been made by a private owner in the appropriate period)
  3. Special (cars with major modifications or comprising components from a variety of eligible cars)
To see the Eligibility Documents (Click here)

Period Definitions. Notwithstanding any definitions promulgated elsewhere by any body or organisation, the VSCC uses the following period definitions:
·        Edwardian - Built on or before 31 Dec 1918
         Vintage - Built on or before 31 Dec 1930                                          
         Post Vintage Thoroughbred (PVT) - Built on or before 31 Dec 1940 and approved by the Committee
         Historic - Built on or before the 31 December 1960 and approved by the Committee
The date of a car shall be the date of the youngest original major component, namely Chassis, Engine, Gearbox, Front axle and Rear axle. Items of a later date may be substituted without altering the dating of the car if they are identical to those of the original specification.

To see the Eligibility Documents (Click here)


Following questions from competitors about tyres being used in competition, Committee decided that it needed to have an approved tyre list for Race and Speed events. 

If you are running tyres that are not on this list, you should ask for them to be considered so that they might be added. 

To see the Eligibility Documents and Race and Speed Approved Tyre List (Click here)

The full definition of cars is covered by the VSCC's Eligibility Rules. 
  1. Standard (cars to the original specification)
  2. Modified (cars with minor modifications such as might have been made by a private owner in the appropriate period)
  3. Special (cars with major modifications or comprising components from a variety of eligible cars)
To see the Eligibility Documents (Click here)

Yes we do, there is a full set of Guidelines and Rules in the Eligibility Section
To see the Eligibility Documents (Click here)

Because of certain difficulties with the DVLA, related to applications by some other motor clubs that the DVLA considered questionable, the Commitee decided mid-2014 that the Club would cease automatically passing every application and instead, direct members to the appropriate one-make club.

The following website gives details of all the clubs that are authorised to authenticate application, which you may be able to use to assist any members in similar situations.

To see the Eligibility Documents (Click here)

The Club is aware that our details are contained within the document; the above message overwrites this.

For further information on how to register your vehicle under its original registration number  please see our Eligibility Documents

To see the  V765 Applications Process under Eligibility Documents (Click here)