Grid Marque Coordinators

To help support the Members of the Racing Community, a group of Grid / Marque Co-ordinators (GMCs) has been established. Their role is to represent their respective grids/marques, encourage you and to help you come racing, listen to your views, your wants and needs and to liaise with the Race Sub-Committee (RSC).  The RSC and TOPO will work together to try and ensure that your voice is heard, concerns addressed and great ideas implemented! The GMCs are fellow racers and friends.  They are not race officials, they are not compensated in any way for this role and are there to help create full and exciting grids within the VSCC racing community.  Please use them to pass on constructive feedback.  Your voice matters.

Riley - Alexander Hewitson and Andy Baker
Frazer Nash - Jo Blakeney-Edwards
Vintage Racing Cars - Tom Waterfield
Pre-61 Racing Cars - Tom Waterfield, Karin and Duncan Ricketts
MG - Duncan Potter
Under 30s - Andy Baker
ODM - Ian Standing
VSCC Specials & Austin 7 - Nick Hayward-Cook

Contact Details are available from