Join In The Board of Directors bears the responsibility for management of the Club and may co-opt members. The Board of Directors delegates day-to-day management to the Club Secretary, who works to the Board's strategy and resolutions. Individual Directors have responsibility to the membership of the VSCC and its policy and resolutions.
The Board of Directors comprises of appointed officers and elected members as follows:

President. Normally serves three years in office.
Vice President, appointed by the President.
Honorary Treasurer, appointed by the Board.
7 members elected by the membership.
The Club, by tradition, pays no expenses of the members of the Board of  Directors, nor does the Club pay for the accommodation costs of the Board of Directors or provide any other benefits in their role as Directors. However, should a member of the Bored of  Directors incur costs as organiser of an event, then expenses will be reimbursed under the arrangements for that event. 
The Board of Directors normally meets once per calendar month, except December, usually at the Club offices in Chipping Norton. Business for the Board is assembled through the Secretary and/or President prior to each meeting.   The Agenda and Minutes are circulated to Board members and a précis of the Board's business is normally published in the Club’s monthly Newsletter.
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Simon Blakeney-Edwards


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Annabel Jones


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Nicholas Topliss

Vice President

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Andy Baker

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John Lomas

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Justin Maeers

Head of Race Sub-Committee

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David Rolfe

Head of Trials Sub Committee

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Ian Standing