The Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC) is the UKs largest promoter of historic motorsport and organises over 35 events each year. These include race meetings at some of the UK's best circuits; hillclimbs at venues such as Prescott, Loton Park and Wiscombe Park together with navigational rallies, tours and many social events.

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The VSCC consider any car with a specification dated between 1 January 1919 and 31 December 1930 a Vintage Car. In addition, we classify cars with a specification dating from before 1 January 1905 as Veteran and from 1 January 1905 to 31 December 1918 as Edwardian. These dates are also recognised by MSUK and the FIA. All such cars are eligible for entry into Club events although whether they are ‘sporting’ or not is in the eye of the beholder! In addition, the Club accepts a range of cars with specifications dating between 1 January 1931 and 31 December 1940 for entry into Club events. These are cars listed on the Club’s Post Vintage Thoroughbred (PVT) List.

For detailed definitions of all the various categories and the PVT list, see the Eligibility Rules. (Click here)

The VSCC accepts a number of cars known as Post-Vintage Thoroughbred with a cut-off for PVT cars at 31 Dec 1940. A number of marques and models are recognised by the VSCC as PVT against an approved list.
In addition, Cars/Models manufactured in the post vintage period that are a continuation in an unchanged form of cars manufactured during the vintage period but not specifically included on the PVT list are also eligible as PVT Certain single seat racing cars of 4 or more cylinders, built from 31 December 1930 to 1 January 1941 may be accepted at the Committee’s discretion.
The PVT list is a constant source of debate! To see the Club’s PVT List (click Here)

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