Click on "Edit Profile" at the top right hand side of the forum page.

Yes. To start a new thread choose a section into which you wish to start a new thread e.g. General Chat,

  1. click on that section,
  2. click on "New Topic" at the top right hand side of the page,
  3. create a title for your topic by filling in "Topic Title",
  4. add your text in the box headed "Topic Text"
  5. and finally when satisfied with what you have written
  6. click on "Post Topic" at the bottom of the page.
NOTE once created only a moderator can move or delete a topic.

It depends on what you click on.
If you click on the Title it starts with the first post.
If you click on the Last Post is takes you to the latest post on that thread.
If you click on any name it shows you their profile.

Gareth Bryan (Chief Moderator)
Tania Brown (Deputy Chief Moderator)
David Whittle
John Cooper
Jon Fleming
Steve Jones
Alan Fairless
Allan Lupton
Andy Cawley
John Way

The Moderators are responsible for the day to day monitoring of the site and will use email or the forum itself to ask the Poster to reconsider their posting in the first instance.
In the event of a forum user being repeatedly black flagged, the Chief Moderator and/or Deputy will, in conjunction with the Club Secretary, consider banning that person from the Forum for a period of time.

The Black Flag allows forum users to bring to the attention of the moderation team any item which a member considers to be in breach of the forum etiquette rules.

When clicking on the BLACK FLAG, an email is activated, and you will be asked for the reason why you feel the post is inappropriate. Enter the reason, the first line of the post and press send.
An email will go out to the Moderators Group plus the club office.
When this email is read, we get the sender's forum name, a link to the post, and the reason stated.
The member whose post you BLACK FLAGGED doesn't know about it.
The Moderators and if deemed necessary the Chief Moderator or deputy will consider the matter and act accordingly. The complainant will be kept informed throughout.