Club Secretary

Tania Brown

Tel: 01608 644777 ext 8

Many members will know me as a marshal and, for the last seven years, as a Director of the Club. I have been a member myself since just before my 13th birthday, in fact I believe my membership was a present from my grandparents. In the years since, I have been in turn a runner, startline, assembly and paddock marshal, trainee clerk, club steward and hill chief. I have also competed on trials and in driving tests, my not-quite teenage daughter has also started helping, particularly on trials and some of you will also know my partner Adam Jones, a 30-98 owner who has competed in races and hillclimbs in the past and also volunteers regularly. It is safe to say that whilst I do not (yet) consider myself middle aged, I do come steeped in several years of VSCC history. Not as much as many of our members but I hope it is considered a good start.